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Discovery Program Featured in RVA News Article

The Mary and Frances Youth Center's (MFYC) summer Discovery camp was featured in a July 7 RVA News article, "10 x 10 Week 6: ART^2."

The article highlights the service of VCU students Helen Westergren and Elisa Rudolph who are hosting their own week-long day camp for adolescents in grades 6-8 as part of 1708 Gallery’s 10 x 10 series.

Discovery is a fun, challenging and creative summer program offered through VCU's MFYC that provides a variety of in-depth experiences in science, technology, engineering, arts and health sciences while giving youth the opportunity to experience a college setting.

1708 Gallery’s 10 x 10 series is an open platform that treats the gallery as a communal space. Artists and organizations use the time and the space to try something different, to test an idea, to experiment with a project and to engage with new audiences.

Read the article.

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Photo courtesy of RVA News.