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The Safety and Protection of Minors Policy

The Safety and Protection of Minors Policy (PDF) applies to all programs and activities that involve non-enrolled minors and are sponsored by the university or conducted by other organizations on VCU’s campus, including camps, clinics, workshops, conferences and other educational activities.

In an effort to support youth programs at VCU, the Division of Community Engagement and the Mary and Frances Youth Center put together the resources toolkit below. This toolkit is intended to give a valuable and in-depth look at best practices, sample documents and guidelines for youth programs at VCU. While not required, using these recommended best practices and templates is encouraged.

DCE Youth Programs Manual

The DCE Youth Programs Manual (PDF) ensures that DCE youth programs provide support and opportunities for youth to feel safe, build relationships with caring adults, acquire knowledge and skills and engage in meaningful activities. The manual also serves as a best practice guide for any VCU program that involves youth. 

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